Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Semangat bola. ..JDT vs KELANTAN

No TV or Mamak stall ok. We watch the Final FA Cup live from Bukit Jalil. Both of the fans are very supportive especially JDT's fan. And I'm one of them. Hehehe.

Just imagine half  of the Stadium do the same comrade formation conducted by BOY OF STRAITS.Seriously amazing. And that time , we realize that football also has power to unite people even we lost.



Kelantan's fan also very supportive. Most predict that both of the fans will make chaos . But , it won't and never happen ok. We still can pray together as a Jemaah, take a photo, even say hi to each other. Only fans inside Bukit Jalil knows the situation. Sometime Media propaganda more worst. Bola je pun. Takkan sampai nak putus saudara kan? Ok, congratulation to Red Warrior Team and good job Johor Darul Takzim. All of you are the best.

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