Thursday, 24 October 2013



What so special about Premium Beautiful?

Because it contain FIR.
What is FIR? What can FIR can do to our body?

Below shows benefits of FIR:


Some facts about Far Infrared Rays  (FIR)+ Premium Beautiful(PB)

  • did you know, FIR can provide same effects of exercise. it burns up to 900 calories. The heart will receives similar workout to a 6 mile run in a 20-30 minutes of wearing PB corset. 
  • if you have no time for regular exercise, to the gym or maybe to your sauna session, PB will help you. HOW? Just wear it! With Premium Beautiful corset,you can have FIR Therapy on the move.
  • and when you sweat, you know you're detoxing, BUT with PB fabric, you dont feel sweaty. The material used are meant to give you comforts -cools you down when you aresweaty, & warm you up, when you are cold. 


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