Monday, 14 October 2013


Semalam bersamaan 13 Oktober 2013, satu majlis ilmu yang dianjurkan oleh Green Leaders Acadamy Malaysia (GLAM) dengan kerja sama dari pihak Hai-O telah diadakan di Setia City Convention Centre (SCCC) bagi memantapkan ilmu pengetahuan dan memantapkan kemahiran di dalam bidang peniagaan kepada usahawan- usahawan muda Glam. 

Pagi- pagi datang, dari jauh dah nampak gelombang merah hitam. Aura dah meresap dalam jiwa dah walaupun tak start lagi program. Dan kami group savvybees lead by CDM Nurfaziha and under DDM Zuraida bersemangat sungguh hari iTu.



Emcee of the day adalah DDM zuraidah which is my direct leader in the Savvybees Johor.
The best speaker for Dynamic Enterpreneur Programme 3 is Mr Winston Wong. Mr Winston is a founder and managing director of Multi Level Marketing Academy Asia . He was involved in Multi level marketing Industry since 2001 and in a short span of about two and a half years, he became a top leader and trainer/ speaker in the MLM Company in Malaysia with a network in 5 countries across the Asia Pacific Region.

Alhamdulillah , a thousand information we got from his sharing . It's worth we spend time our weekend here to absorp all of secrets behind the MLM Industry.

And thanks to Glam and Hai- O Marketing by organize this programme to us, new babies in Glam and Hai-O.

This programme is a booster for us to do better and more better in our business.

Thanks to all important person in GLAM who had struggle to ensure this event organized successfully and achieved their target.INSYAALLAH, as a participant I will and must implement all I had learnt here....

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